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I had a little adventure.
It was a journey in search of “despair”, crossing dark seas. The ocean I saw away from home was enormous; there are many islands out there, so powerful it is hard to believe. I saw animals I had never seen before, sights I would have never imagined in my dreams. The music of the waves was sometimes quiet, flowing calmly to wrap up little troubles. It was sometimes loud; laughter that tore weak feelings to shreds. And in that black, black storm, I met a small little boat… the boat got behind me and pushed me onwards, saying, “Can’t you see the light?” That mysterious little ship that could not lose its way in the darkness rode the waves as if dancing over them. It never disobeyed the sea, yet the bow kept pointing forward, even through headwinds… and it pointed a finger. “Look, there is the light.” …history will probably call this an illusion, however….
It will always be a reality to me.

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